Having a professionally produced inventory significantly reduces the risk of any disputes about damages to the property and its contents between the landlord and tenant.  Inventory Management Solutions creates a fully comprehensive and detailed high quality report which comprises a complete record of the fixtures, fittings and décor of the property and high resolution digital photos of each room and images highlighting items of value, interest and damage.

The report works methodically from the front entrance through each room  and includes any outdoor space.  All reports are completed within 48 hours of the appointment and are uploaded direct to your personal online folder where all reports can be accessed 24 hours a day or can be emailed or printed on request.

To enable Inventory Management Solutions to record the most accurate inventory possible, please consider/be aware of the following:

  • the inventory is a snapshot of the property at the time is it compiled and should be undertaken as close as possible to the beginning of the tenancy
  • the inventory should be recorded when the property is in the state at which the tenant is able to move in
  • this means all repairs, renovations, decorations, cleaning and gardening should have been completed
  • all safety checks including gas and electricity should have taken place
  • all furniture and other items should be in the property and in place.  All items not to be included should be removed from the property i.e. personal belongings, tools etc.

All Inventory Management Solutions Clerks are highly trained professionals and are fully insured.